Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC)


The Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) mission is to promote a team building approach to the command tour recognizing that engaged, inspired and educated spouses of Commanding Officers directly and positively impact the morale and success of the command as well as create an environment where sailors and families can thrive.

Your Foundation

  1. CSLC Course Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Team Building
  4. Command Support Team
  5. CST Spouse Considerations
  6. Personal Vision
  7. Personal Vision - TED Style Talk
  8. Command Tour Charter Assignments
  9. Command Tour Charter Introductions
  10. Command Tour Charter Outline
  11. CSLC Command Tour Charter / CO Spouse Contributions to Consider

It's About the People

  1. Values, Ethics and Optics
  2. Navy Organization Detailed Worksheet
  3. Navy Organization Outline
  4. Navy Organization Presentation
  5. Navy Organization Sample Chains of Command
  6. Group Dynamics
  7. Naval OPSEC Support Team Resource List
  8. Navy Public Affairs Guide
  9. Social Media REV
  10. Social Media Smart Cards
  11. Navy Enlisted Personnel Introductions
  12. Navy Enlisted Personnel Military Titles and Salutations
  13. Navy Enlisted Personnel Outline
  14. Personalities Meyers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) Introduction

We Know How to Do This

  1. Ombudsman Case Study Scenarios
  2. Ombudsman Program Introduction
  3. Ombudsman Program Outline
  4. Ombudsman Program Summary
  5. Changes of Command Topics
  6. Navy Heritage, Customs, Honors and Traditions
  7. Navy Heritage, Customs, Honors and Traditions FAQ
  8. Navigating Stress
  9. Communication with in the Command
  10. Navy Gift Regs
  11. Navy Legal Brief
  12. Navy Legal Services

Why We Are Different

  1. Deployment Reference Sheet
  2. EFM
  3. Family Readiness Group Case Study Scenarios
  4. Family Readiness Group Summary
  5. Introduction
  6. Outline
  7. Communication Strategies
  8. Leadership Styles
  9. Navy Family Resources
  10. Casualty Assistance Calls (CACO)
  11. Crisis Management
  12. Crisis Management Family Emergency Plan
  13. Command Mishap Worksheet
  14. Crisis Planning Resources
  15. NFAAS Brochure Families May 2011
  16. NFAAS Fact Sheet
  17. Sample Emergency Data Form
  18. Supportive Resources

Making it Work

  1. Command Environments Intro
  2. Command Environments Outline
  3. Positive Command Climate
  4. Why Volunteer?
  5. Working with and Recognizing Volunteers
  6. Conflict Resolution Modes


  1. Bibliography
  2. Websites
  3. Acronyms
  4. Family Framework


  1. Combined Mentor Session
  2. Mentor Sessions