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Welcome to the journey! Since the dawn of time, adventurous souls have stood upon the sands of the shore gazing out over the expanse of the undiscovered country that awaits, eager to challenge themselves in answer to the call of becoming part of something greater than themselves.

The legacy left by those who have forged the character of the seafaring warrior are the enduring values of honor, courage and commitment. Informed by the core value of honor (Beliefs and attitudes); guided by the core value of courage (behavior and actions) and energized by the core value of commitment (Intention), the naval profession of arms molds leaders through a continual learning cycle of knowledge, reflection and the crucible of experience.

This arduous path of development demands an intentional aspiration to continual self-knowledge and growth, perfecting the art and science of developing others along the path and ultimately creating a team where the shared values of the profession flourish. Though the circumstances and context often changes, the foundational values of character remain the bedrock of the profession: honor, courage and commitment.

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